We want to enrich daily life
of people and society


DAIKEN is an all-around metal manufacturer, supplying a wide range of products such as building materials for external trim, hardware, metal fittings, and exterior metal products, aiming at “creation of comfortable space & peaceful environment for people”. DAIKEN also exports lots of products related to houses and buildings.

Our Philosophy

A company, creating a comfortable society for people.
A company, who leads in our time.

DAIKEN has been pursuing real affluence for people since its foundation in 1924.
We have been treating variety of products and have established a firm company ability-standard. Harmony with society and daily life is regarded as important to people, and a mission of company who creates comfortableness and beautiful society, becomes more and more important.
We DAIKEN will not change our belief that affluence is a purpose and we will make a continuous effort as a company who aims to a higher goal in the next generation for the sake of our industry's development and to its contribution to society.

Brand Statement

Build a world by builders hardware

Company Profile

Yoichi Fujioka
Head office
Address: 2-7-13, Niitaka, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 532-0033 Japan
Listed market
Standard Market Security Code: 5900
March 1948
481,524,000 yen
Number of employees
Site Area
Building Area
Resona Bank, Limited.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
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