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Outdoor Storage

photo Plenty of variations
You can choose ones from plenty of variations according to use, spaces and your living style. It has spaces using effectively and is easy to assemble.



photo Good in function and lots of size
You can choose one according to area, circumstance, and site. We have also higher types which are adequate to cars of high roof.


Accordion type gate for houses 9TYPES

photo Stainless steel made and Aluminum made


Kerosene tank

photo You can choose according to width of space and capacity
Kerosene tanks set outside have plenty of variations from large capacity type of 950l to small one of 95l. There are also some types set inside.

Several types are rent to use at construction site.
These types can be heaped so that you can use space effectively.



Propane Gas Bottle Shed

photo Propane gas bottles are protected from direct rays, wind and snow etc.
Forms fit houses, design is good for ventilation.


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