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Roof and Stand for Bicycle Parking Area Design27TYPE

photo Plenty of Variations(27 types), adequate for various spaces.
Roofs and stands can be set in parking areas for bicycles at stations, condominiums, apartments, assembly halls, schools, banks, department stores, etc. Designs are various such as a side pillar type, a central pillar type, a box type. Roof materials are also various. We have also a type which makes rain noise lower.

Roofs and stands make bicycle parking spaces well-arranged
You can choose one from different stands according to their capacity and the number of bicycle, two tiers stands which makes parking areas capacious, one tier swing types and one tier sliding types which save areas. We have also low noise types.




photo Various types adequate for needs
You can choose one from various types at a factory, a shop, an apartment, a hospital etc. according to area, circumstance, and use.


Outdoor storage

photo Sheds at house, condominium or office
You can choose one from lots of variations according to use and space.


Accordion type gate Large6TYPES

photo Aluminum made and large-scale accordion type for wide frontages of gates.
We have rail types, caster types, used at wide entrance like factories, schools, etc.


Garbage Collection Box

photo Garbage Collection Box
Preservative beauty and cleanliness of city need this temporal collection box of garbage which is easy to treat. We have also stainless made types which are rust protective and durable.


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