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SLIDEX , Sliding Door Closer system 16TYPE

photo Sliding door system which makes doors automatically and slowly close(SLIDEX).
The sloped rail and horizontal rail make the door automatically close. Closing speed is slowed down before about 250mm from closed position by combination of a braking rack with a hydraulic control. We have 6 basic models for different weight. There are also an interlock sliding of double panel and an interlock bi-parting sliding system.

Sliding closer system for barrier-free houses
In order to keep beauty of total appearance of doors, a drive is hidden in the door by inspection cover (Compact closer system, HOUSE CLOSER).


Interior Door Hanger 3TYPE

photo Various types
There are three types, sliding door, folding door, and partition. This can be set at the entrance and closets etc.


Door Hanger

photo Lots of optional rails for various purposes
We have strong and durable steel made, corrosion-preventive stainless steel made, beautiful aluminum made, special curve rail, etc.

Adequate for both light and heavy doors
Adequate for from 40kg doors (#2) such as a garage and an outdoor storage to 1500kg (#8) such as a factory and a warehouse.

Low maintenance costs
Because #2, 3, and 4 are electrophoretic coating finish, final coating is unnecessary. Because oiles (oil impregnated sintered) bearings are used in 4 wheel rollers, oiling is unnecessary.


Roller for heavy door



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