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Mail Box for Condominium 24TYPE

photo Various types
Wall attachment types and built-in types, vertical types and horizontal types, from the front taking out types and from the rear taking out types, various shapes, and optional combinations.

Made of durable stainless steel
Bodies are made of stainless steel. Two types of room numberfs indication, a seal type and a clipping letter type.


Secure Delivery Box

photo An unit type box in which delivered things are entered while inhabitants are out
All inhabitants of a condominium can use this because of the centralized control system. Various sizes can be chosen and combined. 88 boxes can be combined at the most and 900 doors can be registered at the most. Dial lock types are quite easy to install without electricity wiring works.


Box for Fire Extinguisher

photo This is buried in the wall and does not hinder passage
Position of hook on which a fire extinguisher is set is changeable fit with a size of an extinguisher.

Two materials, aluminum and steel
Aluminum made and steel made. There are also ground materials. You can choose whether you use ground materials or do not.

There is also standing models
New standing models have three types, a box type, a pipe frame type, and a pedestal type.


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