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Indoor's Trim&Ditch

| Ceiling hatch | Wall Hatch | Floor Hatch | Floor Hatch for houses | Ventilation Hatch for Gymnasium | Floor Ditch Cover for Wiring & Pipe Laying and for Drain | Grating Cover for Gutter |
| Scenic Grating Cover | Metal Mat in front of Entrance | Ceiling Louver | Rail and hanging tools for paintings etc. |

Ceiling hatch 23TYPE

photo Easy installation of standard CFZ type
Speedily installing holders make it easy to hold an inner board. We have also Model III of this type with speedily installed hangers which hold an outer board.

Highly air tight type with high insulation
CXB type is highly air proof. CXD type is also highly air tight as well as highly insulated. There are 3 ranks of insulation efficiency.

Deluxe CDZ type
Double hinges enable plenty of variations and big openings. Larger sizes are also possible to supply.

Different other types such as joint included ones and different sizes out of standard.


Wall Hatch 3TYPES

photo Wall Hatch
Three different types according to opening & closing ways, a spring type, a hinge type, and a screw type. There are also specific ones to the Urban Redevelopment Corporation.


Floor Hatch 16TYPE

photo Adaptable for various floor materials
Both sides of the hatch are useful, one for sticking resin tiles and the other for filling mortar. 2 types of hatch pull, one is angle type which is easy to treat, and the other is U shape which does not make any bulge on the hatch. Excellent in design and strength.


Floor Hatch for houses 23TYPE

photo Hatch for ply wooden floors
Lots of selective types, one is adequate to the construction method of floor board lying, another to two-by-four constructing method. We also have a high air tight & high insulation type and a big size which can be used as an entrance to a basement.


Ventilation Hatch for Gymnasiu

photo Floor hatch adequate to ventilation under floor
4 types are made of aluminum or stainless steel. Easy installation by only winding screws makes construction period short. We also have types with a insect repellent grill etc.

Easy installation and durable
This can be installed to floor boards, big size of multi-layer materials, as well as directly to joist. Anxiety to hurt floor is unnecessary, vibration sounds are weakened, and deodorant effect is strengthened.



Floor Ditch Cover for Wiring & Pipe Laying 21TYPES and for Drain 10TYPE

photo Various options for different use
Plenty of types for different use such as for resin tiles, for carpets, for mortal filling, for plywood, for covers of striped steel board, for steel made grounds, and for drainage can be utilized.

Floor ditch and its cover for drain based on HACCP standard
This ditch system contributes to food sanitation based on the new international sanitary control standard, HACCP.


Grating Cover for Gutter@44TYPE

photo Various materials and lots of advantages
Made of various shapes of stainless steel, aluminum, wood, and synthetic resin.

Strong and light
Both strength and lightness make this excellent in durability and easy in handling & maintaining.

Cars also can go on
There is a type for outside gutter on which even heavy cars like trucks can go.


Scenic Grating Cover

photo Arranges beautiful facilities
Because various kinds of tile can be fit in, gutter covers do not stick out. Harmony with circumstances and beautiful sceneries are arranged.

Excellent in drainage efficiency
There is a slit type of ditches at both sides of gutter covers which are excellent in drainage efficiency.

Excellent in strength
There is also a type that cars(2 tons and 14 tons) can go on.


Metal Mat in front of Entrance8TYPE

photo Durable and easy to handle
Formed from stainless steel pipe with Hair Line finish, this is light, easy to treat, and durable.

Optional forms are available according to your choice
gTh shape bar is difficult to gather dusts, gIh shape bar is possible to use both sides. There is also an uneven type on which people are difficult to slip even in rainy days.


Ceiling Louve

photo Aluminum louver (Louver for Illumination)
Adequate to various designs of illumination and making up a fantastic space of light and shade. Installation and removal is possible without tools. It shows also excellency in maintenance and construction.


Rail and hanging tools for paintings etc

photo Utilized on multi-purpose
A set of a rail and hanging tools easily hangs a framed picture or a mirror. To attach or detach are quite easy using with one-touch runners. These are used in homes, offices, and galleries. There are 5 series according to weight


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