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External Trim
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Waterproof Border Material 14TYPE

photo Excellent in protection from water invasion
Arranged as combination with insulated body which is set by fixed-metal to base and fit-in unit. Bodies and joining parts are well designed, taking flow of rainwater into consideration.

Adaptable to various natural environments
Elastic effect by temperature change is minimized. Ventilation hinders dew formation and frost damage.

Labor saving and satisfactory to multiple needs
With spacer giving adjustment for uneven top face of structure. Unitary inlaying shortens a period of construction. There are lots of standardized goods and color variations.

New aluminum types for reform works
These new types are installed to existing parapets of which tops are sloping.


Blindfolding 2TYPES& lattice Panel 3TYPE

photo Easy and speedy installation
Lattice types of KGM panels(9 types of stringer) and blindfolding types of CE panels(13 types of stringer). Easy inlaying using elasticity of aluminum shortens installation hours.

Good function, fine decoration, & many applications
These functions well as blindfold & windscreen, besides these are decorative. C panel has 11 color variations. You can choose from a lot of types of panel.

Beautiful and durable
Solid paint film conforms to JIS standard. Aluminum alloy which is used in C panel is excellent at corrosion resistance and strength, authorized to incombustible.

Standard unit fixing to window (blindfolding louver)
This type is unnecessary to hole wall and sash, because of insertional method of construction.


External Louver 22TYPE

22 shapes for every situation.
22 shapes are ready to supply to make beautiful harmonization with every situation.These are excellent in wind pressure resistance.

5 colors for every circumstance
5 colors, i.e., silver, bronze, brown, black, and stainless color are ready to supply, to preserve beauty of buildings.

Easy installation with screws
Louvers and strings are quite easy to install by winding exclusive screws.

Safe design and high quality
Because the material is an aluminum alloy, both louvers and stringer are light and durable, even in the severe circumstances such as strong wind & rain and acid fumes.



Eaves 5TYPE

photo Contributive to saving energy
Air conditioning cost is reduced by shielding from light and heat.

Excellent design
These eaves match well with modern architectures because of excellent design.

High durability
Wind pressure resistance:2404N/mQ
Snow lying resistance: 80cm(in the case of 30 N/cmmQ

5 selective types
RS-F (FT) type: made of compound material of aluminum and resin. Cost efficient
RS-FB type: made of compound material of aluminum and resin. Including a trough
RS-C type: made of aluminum and resin. Including a trough
RS-H type: made of aluminum honeycomb material. Big and light
RS-M type: made of aluminum extruded shape. Easy installation, Small type


External Panel

photo New aluminum products for external trim of buildings
External panels fit for modern architecture in which creativity, personality and beauty are sought for.

Extremely lighter than existing materials
Weight per 1 mQ is about 10 kg. This is much lighter than the existing materials such as glass and concrete.

Excellent at execution leading to lower costs
Construction period is shortened and construction cost is dropped by lighter weight. Especially, it shows good features in repair works.


Advertising Curtain Equipment

photo Stylish message tower
Message on the equipment can be seen at distant palaces. Wall is difficult to get damage thanks to durable guide frames even if strong wind blows. This is made of stainless steel.


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